Minecraft Explosive Items and TNT / Particle Trails

Minecraft Explosive Items and TNT / Particle Trails: Minecraft is full of fun commands that can be used for useful things and non useful things. This post will cover a few commands that you can use to trick and “troll” your friends with and good news, you can do on both Java and bedrock edition! Here is a short video which can help you better understand this command.

Let’s start off with the basics these commands are aimed to destroy builds as the command summons a lot of TNT or destructive mobs. I personal recommend backing up the world before using this command just incase something goes wrong. Here are some examples of commands used in the video that you can copy and paste into your command block.

/execute at @e[type=snowball] run summon tnt ~ ~ ~

The command above is a simple execution command that summons TNT at a entity testing true to “snowball” if you want it to constantly do this command switch your command block to repeat. WHAT EVER YOU DO… DO NOT SUMMON THE SAME ITEM THAT YOU ARE TESTING TO EXECUTE YOUR COMMAND as you are basically asking for a disaster to happen. What the command is doing is it is doing a /summon command at ~ ~ ~ blocks away from the entity (snow ball). If you wanted to make it so that TNT followed an arrow replace @e[type=snowball] to @e[type=arrow] or if you wanted it to summon the TNT below the entity by one block you would replace ~ ~ ~ with ~ ~-1 ~

/execute at @e[type=egg] run summon lightning_bolt ~ ~ ~

This command above is just like the other command however it is summoning a lighting bolt and summoning it at a thrown egg. This command is fully customisable as you can change the type of entity to run the command at and the entity to spawn at the original entity. You could even make it so that when you throw an egg it summons creepers or any other mob as shown in the command bellow.

/execute at @e[type=egg] run summon creeper ~ ~ ~
Java: /execute at @e[type=snowball] run playsound minecraft:entity.elder_guardian.ambient ambient @a
bedrock: /execute at @e[type=snowball] run playsound random.explode @a

To make sounds follow an entity you can use these two commands above depending on the type of Minecraft you are playing on. If you do this command you way want to set up a timer with repeaters to stop the sound playing rapidly.

Repeaters used to slow down command execution
Repeaters used to slow down command execution

To make particle follow your entity please refer to the following article which has a detailed step by step explanation to the command. It also contains two videos that can teach you how to use particle command. You can visit the particle blog or visit the blog page.