Before getting started you may want to download a texture pack from a verified website. We recommend using planet Minecraft to download a texture pack. Try to find a resource pack which has a higher texture quality. Please note that not all texture packs work. We would also recommend watching our video which explains how to do it.

What will you need?

You will need a texture pack and images which you would like to replace. The item frames with. I used


  1. open up resource pack and delete all textures apart from painting.
  2. White out all images which you would like to use.
  3. Use photoshop or another program to edit image and insert the image you would like to replace the image.
  4. After completing this you will then need to add this resource pack texture to the Minecraft resource pack file.
  5. Open Minecraft and open the world you would like to play.
  6. Open menu then press change resource pack settings.
  7. Chose the resource pack you want.
  8. Press save and then exit.
  9. If this did not work you either did not do the steps correct or your resource pack did not work properly.

*Make sure to not change the name of the file as the resource pack could be coded differently*

*also to avoid copyright make sure to get rid of the textures like in my video and replace them with original content like the drawings I did in the video.*

Resource Pack Check

Basically if you were wondering what I was talking about in my video this is the process Minecraft takes to ensure that there are no blank resources. Let’s say you only wanted to customise the images however have a different texture pack on you would be able to use this process which if no texture is found it goes to the next best thing. An example of this would be having a texture pack with a grass block gone. If it is missing it will go to the next selected resource pack (usually the default pack).