Payments and Conversion Rates

UnderMyCap currently offers two ways to pay for our goods. We offer PayPal and we offer standard credit card payments through Square. Our store is Australian meaning that the cost of products is defaulted to AUD$. You are also charged in Australian at checkout. We use product conversions to help give an estimate to customers on what they will have to pay in their currency. The plugin we use is called Currency Switcher for WooCommerce. This plugin uses a free converter that allows customers to gain a sense on how much their purchase is going to cost. It compares the dollar to its recommended converter European Central Bank on a regular basis (around once a day). Please be aware that the converter from time to time may be outdated or have the wrong conversion rate for a temporary period or have a slightly different rate from other companies. This will not effect the end price of the product as the products are billed in Australian dollars at cart. it is recommended to check prices against other currency conversions to make sure that the conversion rate is correct. The currency changer only makes customers aware of how much the product might cost in their currency. If you are an international customer payment fees may apply.


UnderMyCap offers gift cards that grant the user to send undermycap funds to friends and family. Gift cards are emailed to recipient and are redeemable.

How It Works: When a user creates a UnderMyCap account and presses on the link provided in the gift card email the gift card will be added to that persons cart and can be used as a payment option at checkout. If the link doesn’t work they can manually enter the gift card code at checkout. After a purchase with the gift card, the remaining funds will be automatically added back into the account for next purchase. Funds will not transfer unless used in a transaction in cart, the remaining funds are automatically added to your account.

Refunding and Emailing: Gift cards are non refundable so make sure that the recipients email address has been entered correctly. If you don’t want to send the gift card to another person via email you can input your personal email and receive the code. Gift cards are sent shortly after the payment has been confirmed. You can check this in the Orders tab In the accounts page.