Our shop offers two types of shipping. We offer standard shipping as well as faster shipping. Depending where you live the faster shipment option might not be available however the standard will be available. Depending where your order is place and where the product is produced the duration of shipment may vary. Printing can take 1-4 days however as soon as the product is made it will be shipped. When you order multiple items from our store, shipping will be cheaper as the prices for additional items are added to the original shipping package. (E.g To ship one item it might cost $6 but when ordering two items the total shipping might cost $7 not $12)

Due To Covid-19, Products may have shipping and fulfilment delays.

To learn more visit https://www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus

*Shipping speeds and times are calculated when proceeding to cart and are rough estimates of shipment times.

Shipping To United States Example
Fast Shipping Option Available
Shipping To Other Country Example